In the midst of the swirling national debate around the government’s counter-terrorism policies, universities find themselves on the front lines. The media, swinging between a staunch defense of free speech and support for censorship under the rubric of ‘safeguarding’ universities, has made higher education the testing grounds for how far the state will go in curtailing liberties in the name of security.
Struggling to provide an open environment where students can learn and debate freely, universities, including this one, find themselves in what Vice-Chancellor Julius Weinberg has called ‘an impossible position.’
Come hear the Vice-Chancellor discuss these challenges along with Shenaz Bunglawala of MEND and Moazzam Begg of CAGE.
Moderated by Brian Cathcart and sponsored by the KU Islamic Society.
Monday, January 25, 2016, 6pm.
Kingston University
John Galsworthy building, room JG4002 (updated).

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