If you have been affected by the War on Terror or would like to seek advice regarding your rights please contact us

Call our helpline: 0300 030 2243


Email us at: casework@cage.ngo

(Availability Mon-Fri: 10am – 4pm)

What we do – What is Casework

Casework is the heart of our work at CAGE. We understand that the impact of the ‘War on Terror’ is far reaching and our clients reflect this, hailing from all backgrounds – we help mothers, fathers, wives, brothers or even relatives and friends looking for answers or fighting for justice for their loved ones. We do this free of charge.

Whether there is an urgent crisis or an ongoing and prolonged issue we have a team of caseworkers who will treat each case that is taken on with professionalism, confidentiality and compassion.

Over the last 15 years, we have built a network of support and provide access to specialised lawyers and trusted charity and welfare organisations.

Although we are not lawyers and cannot represent you legally, our experience with counter-terrorism case-law, our knowledge of legislation and our engagement with the community means we have a deep understanding of the complex and varied issues that affect our clients. 

We are thereby uniquely positioned to offer valuable insight, guidance and support, where necessary directing our clients to the appropriate and relevant bodies, who will provide specialised services for them.

We have established links with journalists and media outlets and will offer our own social media platforms to allow our clients the freedom to tell their story. Should our clients wish, we are also well equipped to advocate on their behalf in front of international organisations such as the UN.

We are invested in the journey of our clients and share with them the accumulated benefit of our many years in the field. Our expertise and experience, combined with the holistic approach we take to our work underpins our commitment to seeking legal redress for injustice and highlighting the voice of the voiceless/unheard.

Contact Us

If you or someone you know has been affected by anti-terror laws and policies and would like advice on your situation get in touch with us by

Calling our helpline: 0300 030 2243

Emailing us at: casework@cage.ngo


If you have any feedback about the casework service you received, please do get in touch with us at feedback@cage.ngo.

How we do it – The Casework journey

When you contact CAGE, you will be put in touch with one of our trained caseworkers with whom you can share your story. We will seek to understand what has happened; identifying any potential breaches of your human rights and/or due process, address any immediate concerns or questions that you may have and provide preliminary recommendations.

Following this and depending on your circumstances, you may be invited in for a meeting where you will be able to have a private and more detailed discussion of your case and be advised on the best course of action. You will decide how you would like to proceed. If needed, you will be put in touch with one of our partner welfare/support organisations and we may refer you to a trusted lawyer, qualified and skilled in your area of concern.

Our advice and approach will always be tailored to your situation and we will remain sensitive to your needs. You will be guided and helped through each stage of the process – whether that be by helping explain documentation and legalese, drafting letters, coordinating with solicitors or coming up with a plan of action. We will be around for as long as you need us. Our clients should always be in control and equipped to make informed decisions – our aim is a positive outcome from every case and a lasting relationship with each client.

Know Your Rights

View our Know Your Rights resources providing a brief overview of what you need to know should you in encountering various counter-terror powers.

Should you or a someone you know be directly impacted, then please contact our helpline for further help and support


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Police Doorstepping


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Palestine in schools

Survivor Stories

CAGE has assisted approximately 1000 clients since its inception, advocating against discriminatory and unjust state policies both nationally and internationally and calling for the consistent upholding of due process and the rule of law. We work closely with survivors of the War on Terror.

Read some of our survivor stories below.