London –  CAGE welcomes the release of Shaker Aamer after being imprisoned without charge or trial and tortured for 14 years. Aamer is scheduled to land at Biggin Hill Airport, South London this afternoon.


CAGE Outreach Director and former detainee of Guantanamo Bay and Bagram prisons, Moazzam Begg said:


“The day has finally arrived. Britain’s longest serving Guantanamo prisoner is coming home. Falsely imprisoned and tortured for 14 years without charge, Shaker Aamer has become a household name because he has endured what few others could only imagine. His family, friends, lawyers, campaigners and well-wishers have fought a battle to free an innocent man and finally, that battle has been won.”


“Shaker’s greatest tests are yet to come – that is the heartbreaking part – and anyone who has been imprisoned away from their family can attest to this. A stranger becoming a father – not of children, but of young adults – is an unimaginable task that nobody has any expertise in, except perhaps a few Guantanamo prisoners scattered around the globe. However, Shaker is a courageous, resilient, kind and thoughtful person who has faced the worst the world has to offer and survived.”


“His qualities have been acknowledged by his tormentors and I’m certain he won’t disappoint when he’s ready to tell his side of the story. Until he does, he deserves our respect, support, prayers, and right to family life and privacy.”




Press enquiries:


Ibrahim Mohamoud

Communications Officer

+(44) 207 377 6700


(Photo credit: ISN 00239, Shaker Aamer” by JTF-GTMO – File:ISN 239’s Guantanamo detainee assessment.pdf. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons)

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