London – CAGE Outreach Director and former detainee of Guantanamo Bay and Bagram prisons, Moazzam Begg said:

“It doesn’t seem morally, or legally, right to thank a government for releasing a man after falsely imprisoning and torturing him for 14 years without charge or trial. And yet, the announcement of the release of Yemeni national, Fayiz Ahmad Yahia Suleiman, from Guantanamo to Italy today is most welcome. Although he was cleared for release by US authorities back in 2010, it has taken six years to find him a home.

“Releases from Guantanamo are trickling through but, there are still 78 prisoners awaiting Obama’s promise to close Guantanamo before he leaves office – in 120 days. The rest of the world is watching too.”


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