London – CAGE issues this response to the Charity Commission’s statement released today regarding the discontinuance of funding that JRCT and The Roddick Foundation used to provide.

CAGE’s spokesperson, Amandla Thomas-Johnson said,

“We respect their decision. We thank them for their past support. Both of these charities have played a significant role in contributing to the development of Muslim civil society here in the UK. We anticipated this decision ever since William Shawcross, a leading member of the neo-conservative think tank, Henry Jackson Society took over the Charity Commission. This is just another manifestation of their objective of pursuing a Cold War on British Islam.

CAGE will remain committed to its principle of speaking truth to power and calling for accountability and transparency. We will not hesitate in performing our role as whistleblowers and as advocates for due process.”

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Phone:              +(44) 207 377 6700

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