London – CAGE has become aware of an embargoed report by the Islamophobic think tank, Policy Exchange. This report takes aim at the student strike for Palestine movement, the organizers of protests where children stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people, voicing their opposition against the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

According to reports, some of the educational materials produced by CAGE, aimed at empowering communities, championing freedom of speech, and staunchly defending Palestine, have been disseminated among these groups [1].

We are aware that the Policy Exchange report is set to remain under embargo until midnight.

Anas Mustapha, head of Public Advocacy at CAGE, said:

“There was no public outcry regarding school protests in solidarity with Ukraine; in fact, it was embraced and endorsed by right-wing interests. Therefore, it is the epitome of hypocrisy to hinder the same children from expressing their opposition to genocide. The protests have been an impromptu display of concern for the plight of Palestinian children.

Labeling such compassionate responses as part of a conspiracy is reprehensible, and it is even more egregious to employ intimidation, bullying, and create an atmosphere of fear using the full force of the state. Furthermore, these protests arise due to schools’ failure to facilitate discussions, debates, and education about Israeli apartheid and the occupation of Palestine.

Policy Exchange and The Daily Mail should advocate for increased awareness of these issues in schools rather than calling for the punishment of children, teachers, and schools through fear and coercion.

The apartheid and genocidal Israeli regime, along with its settler colonialism, will meet its end, and we will owe gratitude to these courageous children for standing up for the remnants of human decency.”




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