Suella Braverman made a statement to Parliament where she directed Police and Prevent officials to not fund CAGE and spoke fondly of far-right Islamophobic ideologue Douglas Murray.

In response Anas Mustapha, CAGE’s Head of Public Advocacy said:

“Suella Braverman is probably one of the few politicians in Westminster who would be naive enough to say that people like Doughlas Murray are not “extremists”. Most informed observers are well aware that very dangerous ideologues have infiltrated Whitehall.”

“William Shawcross’ review of Prevent represented this dangerous trend by inciting prejudices against Muslims to rescue Prevent.”

“Despite this, many across civil society still appreciate what the far right would do to this country and beyond if it was allowed free reign.”

“CAGE would never take funding from Prevent or the Police but we are flattered that our arguments have gained such popularity that the Home Secretary fears her own departments may become supporters of CAGE.”


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