London – CAGE has released a detailed report that takes an incisive and revealing look into the controversial networks that have embedded themselves within the CCE and that are closely tied to the global Islamophobia industry.

The report also tackles the theoretical basis of the CCE as it undertakes to build support for repressive counter-extremism measures.

Entitled ‘The CCE Exposed’, the report is available online here and seeks to underline why this unpopular state-sponsored project enjoys little grassroots support.

It also reveals links between many of the “experts” in the group, and the Islamophobic Henry Jackson Society, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and the Quilliam Foundation.

This raises questions about the harmful long term impact the CCE will have on free speech, academic freedom and the right to privacy through supporting state manipulation of beliefs.

It is also of key interest to other segments of civil society, including activist groups and other organisations who may be considered “extreme”for lawfully challenging the state.

Asim Qureshi, CAGE Research Director, said:

“We are proud to have produced this report which unravels the CCE from the roots up in detail. It  is a crucial resource for all civil society groups, and a cause to support our calls to boycott the CCE.”

“What is particularly striking about the members of the so-called Expert Group is their disturbing links to the security industry, their neo-conservative funding sources as well as their clear anti-Muslim bias.”

“The fact that many of these “experts” have much to gain politically by being there is decisive evidence that the CCE is utterly disingenuous and only seeks to bolster state rhetoric around the War on Terror and Prevent.”


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