London – CAGE welcomes the fact that the Home Affairs Select Committee, led by Keith Vaz MP, is looking into the issue of radicalisation and its causes.

CAGE has previously made submissions on counter-terrorism and has made a written submission to this committee also that can be accessed here.


Dr Adnan Siddiqui, CAGE Director, said:

“CAGE recognises that this is an issue that goes to the heart of social cohesion and has sought to contribute to the government response in line with the tradition of protecting civil liberties and maintaining the rule of law.”

“However CAGE was dismayed that instead of hearing representations, some members of the committee were more interested in attempting to smear the organisation.”

“The session missed the opportunity to receive crucial evidence of the untested theory which has been shrouded in secrecy and underpins the entire government strategy related to counter-extremism. We will be drawing attention to the Extremism Risk Guidance factors (ERG-22+) and request the Chair to seek its publication in the public interest.”

“CAGE advocates on behalf of those affected by the War on Terror, and does not have any position on matters falling outside its remit such as political theories of Islamic governance, suicide bombings or jihad or bella causa.”

“The session was a wasted opportunity and could have a counter-productive effect as it reinforces the notion that all Muslims are viewed with suspicion until they prove otherwise.”

“Instead of the Committee confining itself to its terms of reference, some members chose to peddle old tropes about Muslims. Whilst the Committee should have been looking at the causes of radicalisation, their approach was instead consistent with that of PREVENT and those affiliated with it. This is the exact approach that alienates Muslims.”

“Nonetheless, CAGE acknowledges some of the critical feedback and will continue to review its policies and operations.”


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