Since the arrest of a 27 year old man near parliament on Thursday, a series of raids and arrests have followed. Most notable was the one carried out in Willesden where a woman was shot by counter terrorism police.

Another woman was violently dragged off a bus in the same area, had her veil ripped off in public, only to be released without charge.

We cannot at this moment comment on the nature of the police investigations because information is still scarce. However we would like to make the following observations:

  • We seek an independent and transparent disclosure of all the facts, in particular how officers fired no less than 5 shots at a raid, critically injuring a female adult.
  • The tradition of policing by consent must not be undermined by an increased use of militarised policing which is the norm in inner cities in the United States and France.
  • We hope the authorities reflect on the lessons of the Forest Gate shooting of two brothers (2006), Jean Charles de Menezes (2005) and the shooting of Mark Duggan (2011).
  • We note that some sections of the media have tried to link other Muslims including CAGE to the alleged suspect, Mohamed Amoudi:
    – Firstly, we wish to make it clear that the event that is claimed Mr Amoudi attended was not organised by CAGE.
    – Secondly, and more importantly, this practice of guilt by association and smearing of Muslim individuals and organisations is now almost a daily trope. This contributes significantly to the rise of the far right politics we are now witnessing. This has also led to an escalation in the rise of racist and islamophobic attacks.

We will comment further as and when more facts are available.


Image courtesy of King’s Church International on Unsplash

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