Johannesburg – CAGE Africa has launched its second chapter of the Africa Review, which provides a glance at how the ‘War on Terror’ has affected Muslims and justice in Algeria.

Starting with a history of the country and its legacy of torture under French invasion, the review touches on counter-terrorism legislation and its violations of due process, renditions that have occurred, prominent terrorism trials and how the atmosphere of the ‘War on Terror’ impacts policing and mosques.

The review also looks at the complicity of Western governments in ‘War on Terror’ atrocities such as the use of evidence gleaned from torture in Algeria to justify the Iraq War, and the alleged cover provided to al-Qaeda during the In Amenas gas crisis, recently revealed in the UK.

Karen Jayes, spokesperson for CAGE Africa, said:

“The review provides a much-needed alternative view of how the ‘War on Terror’ has impacted Algerians, and the similarities that exist between the past French military activity and current United States policy.”

“CAGE endeavours not only to highlight the atrocities and deceptions that have resulted due to the ‘War on Terror’, but we also make several recommendations aimed at bringing about a more just and equal society, not least of all is a return to the rule of law and a political atmosphere free from foreign intervention.”

You can download a full copy of the review for free from our shop here.


CC image courtesy of Unsplash nasro azaizia

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