Johannesburg – CAGE Africa is appealing for funds to assist the Thulsie twins in their defence, in what is the first terrorism case against Muslims in South Africa.

Sallahuddin and Yakeen Thulsie, 23, were arrested on three charges of planning acts of terrorism on 6 July in a house raid by armed police officers in Newclare and Florida respectively.

No weapons or explosive devices were found in either of their homes. Neither has a criminal record.

CAGE Africa is assisting the family and acting to ensure that the rule of law is respected in all matters pertaining to the case.

Family and friends insist the twins are innocent of all charges.

The Thulsies cannot afford lawyers. Sallahuddin supported his mother entirely, giving R7000 of his salary of R8000 to her every month. Yakeen is unemployed but was due to start a new job two days after his arrest.

This case will set a precedent under South Africa’s Promotion of Constitutional Democracy and Terrorism Act (POCDATARA), the broad reach of which has caused alarm to Muslim and civil society organisations.

Please donate, however small, to their lawyer’s account:

Standard Bank
Branch code: 005205
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Cheque Account no. 401284255
Reference: T0001

Karen Jayes, spokesperson for CAGE Africa, says:

“Under the current toxic global climate and discrimination against Muslims, it is a concern that the first publicised case of the anti-terrorism act is against Muslims. Anti-terrorism laws politicise crimes, and are unnecessary. Rather, crimes of violence can be tried under existing criminal legislation.”

“The POCDATARA is politicised, and it can be used to target all forms of dissent. This is a chance for the defence to really scrutinise the legislation, the outcome of which has implications for all.”

“The Thulsie family are under tremendous stress and scrutiny. We are appealing to all willing and able donors to help ensure a fair trial.”

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