Munir Farooqi – A celebrated and respected member of the local community in Manchester, was framed by two undercover officers who faked their conversions to Islam and were welcomed into the Farooqi household. He is currently serving multiple life sentences for crimes he never committed.
Join us to hear first-hand accounts from his son and daughter, alongside special guests from Irish prisoner campaigns who are also campaigning for Justice, including: Justice for the Craigavon Two & other Irish political prisoner campaigns.
Times and Venues:
27th January, 6pm
Dublin UCD (University College Dublin)
Newman Building
Dublin 4, Ireland
28th January, 6pm
NUI Galway (National University of Ireland)
Millenium Building
University Road
Galway, Ireland
29th January, 6pm
Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
Aungier Street
Dublin 2

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