London – A British aid worker, identified only as ‘N3’[1], has today returned back to the UK following over 3 years in exile after he was stripped of his citizenship in 2017[2]. He returns to his jubilant mother, wife and young children and can now finally clear his name.

Following extensive litigation, the current Home Secretary Priti Patel was forced to withdraw the decision after conceding that depriving N3 of his citizenship was unlawful.

Within 24 hours however, Patel imposed a Temporary Exclusion Order (TEO) on N3 in order to manage his return to the UK. The TEO also empowers the Home Secretary to impose reporting and residence conditions on N3.

Despite these measures being in place, Metropolitan Police continue to hold him for questioning. N3 denies any allegations of wrongdoing against him and is assisting the police with their enquiries.

Throughout the litigation in relation to his citizenship deprivation, N3 was never shown the evidence against him.

Muhammad Rabbani, Managing Director of CAGE said:

“N3 is a veteran aid worker with a strong track record of international relief work. Without any initial judicial oversight, he was stripped of his citizenship and sent into exile without any regard for due process.

We welcome this result with guarded optimism for the hundreds of other British nationals that have all been deprived of their basic right to citizenship using ‘secret evidence’. This case highlights the extent to which such executive powers are abused.”

N3’s solicitor Fahad Ansari said:

“My client has been systematically targeted by the British state for over three years using almost every measure at its disposal to penalise him without having to prove the case against him in an open court of law. This sustained campaign of harassment has deprived his children of their father for too long now and must come to an end.”



Editor’s notes:

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[1] N3’s case has been reported on by CAGE here, Tortoise produced a full profile based on a first person interview here and here and also the Middle East Eye reported on N3 herehere and here.

[2] Citizenship Deprivations: What you need to know


Image courtesy of Flickr/Chris Fleming

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