London – N3 [1], the British aid worker who was unlawfully deprived of his citizenship [2] and exiled for over three years has finally been released from police custody with no further action and has returned his family home in London as an innocent man.

N3 returned to the UK on 28 April 2021, after Priti Patel was forced to concede that the Home Office had unlawfully deprived him of his citizenship earlier that month. Upon his return, N3 was detained by the police and fully cooperated, assisting them with their inquiries for the next 10 days. On the afternoon of Friday 7 May 2021, he was released with no further action, after the police were satisfied that he was innocent.

Speaking following his release N3 said:

“I have always expressed my willingness to return to the UK and clear my name against any false allegations that have been made against me. Had the Home Office allowed me to come home in 2017 or any time thereafter, I would have been able to satisfy the police of my innocence back then as I have done today.”

“I am overjoyed to be reunited with my family and I am looking forward to making up for the last three and a half years that were stolen from my family by the Home Office.”

Fahad Ansari, solicitor for N3, said:

“The Home Office did not just unlawfully strip my client of his citizenship for over three years. They also stripped his children of their father, his wife of her husband, and his elderly and ailing mother of her son. My client is an innocent man and today he has demonstrated this to the full satisfaction of the Metropolitan Police.”

“It is a shame on the British justice system that individuals can be subjected to the maximum penalty of losing their citizenship and left in exile without ever being asked a single question by a police officer. How many more innocent people like N3 have had their lives destroyed using this power which seeks to circumvent the basic principles of due process inherent within the criminal justice system?”

Muhammad Rabbani, Managing Director of CAGE said:

“For almost four years, the British public has been misled about the truth concerning N3. This was only possible due to the use of secret evidence that cannot be challenged in open court or even seen by N3. Now that N3 is back home as an innocent man, it is high time to do away with the abuses of the citizenship deprivation regime.”



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[1] N3’s case has been reported on by CAGE here & here, Tortoise produced a full profile based on a first person interview here and here and also the Middle East Eye reported on N3 here, here and here.

[2] Citizenship Deprivations: What you need to know 

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