Akhlak Akhlas, whose case CAGE worked on (his profile can be seen here) has unfortunately been executed in Pakistan as a revenge for the Peshawar attack to which he had no link to whatsoever.


His father issued the following statement in light of his execution:

In my last meeting with my son Akhlas before his hanging, I found him very happy, instead of weeping, crying or complaining against anybody. He said he has achieved his goal because he has seen our Holy Prophet in a dream. Secondly, Almighty Allah has shown him in a dream a beautiful place, and after visiting such a beautiful place in his dream, he has no desires to live a few hours more. He was so happy and he congratulated me of his success.
The army personnel, police officials and prison authorities were astonished that others are weeping, whilst myself and my son were laughing. I told Akhlas that it is just like, if a Pakistani got a US visa, he will try to leave Pakistan immediately for a better life in the US. I told him, “you are in the same position and you are trying to leave for Heaven immediately”. He said, of course.

After three days, when his grave was open to send his body to Islamabad to show his face to his mother. There was no smell from his body and he was continuously bleeding. Hundreds of people have seen the fresh bleeding. Religious people have told me that it is a symbol of the shaheed. I am happy because my son Akhlas is Shaheed and he has left this world with a smile and full of happiness. Please see my brave son’s happy face, just like he is sleeping. Please pray for him. May Almighty Allah accept his Shahadah.”

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