The 20-year occupation of Afghanistan by the United States and its 50 allies has been ended by the Afghan people led by the Taliban movement.

The past few days have introduced a new reality in Afghanistan with the Taliban retaking the country at breathtaking speed, in a largely peaceful and negotiated transfer of power.

Moazzam Begg, CAGE Outreach director said:

“CAGE pays tribute to the Afghan people for their steadfastness in resistance and for the great costs they have had to suffer to see their country free from occupation by an imperial superpower. Many challenges lie ahead for Afghanistan which will need help to be rebuilt after decades of war. While some positive changes have already been observed, the legitimate expectations of the Afghan nation must not be hindered but rather supported in line with the religious values of its people.”

Political and military leaders who orchestrated the mass killing of Afghans and repeatedly misled their own citizens, should be brought to account. In parallel, those, on all sides of the political spectrum, who perpetuated the prejudiced narrative that facilitated war under the pretext of ‘liberal humanitarianism’ or ‘national security’ must reflect and learn the lessons from their previous mistakes.

Public inquiries should be initiated that investigates all the companies that profited from war and the public officials that oversaw the expansion of defence budgets whilst implementing austerity policies on their citizens at home.”

In order to document some of the above issues of over 20 years of the failed War on Terror CAGE is launching an International Witness Campaign in partnership with nearly 50 other organisations from across the world. More details will be released soon.


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