London – Two years on from the end of the deadly occupation of Afghanistan, peace and security has returned to the country. The international community and particularly western nations complicit in the war, must do more than allow the continuation of the killing of Afghans through economic sanctions after the failure of the occupation. 

A recent fact-finding mission by a delegation of British Imams to Afghanistan made similar observations. Afghanistan under the leadership of the IEA has made significant strides in economy, security and drug control. However, sanctions have continued to cripple the nation, operating as a punitive measure in response to the defeat of allied forces.

The narrative’s used to dehumanise Afghan people, and their culture and beliefs are still echoed across western media today. Only constructive dialogue and mutual respect for each nation’s values will lead to a long lasting peace. 

There is an urgent need for reflection to not repeat the horrors of the past. The War on Terror has proven to be a costly, destructive and failed endeavour, costing approximately $2.3 trillion and leading to the direct and indirect deaths of millions. CAGE will continue to campaign for the accountability of the political and military leaders who orchestrated these wars. 

Today the Afghan people can be proud to have liberated their nation from occupation, the world must come to terms with the new realities and end the inhumane policies of collective punishment. 


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