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Achieve Taqwa this Ramadan: Revive Divine Justice!

“Establish justice, that is closer to Taqwa and fear Allah, indeed Allah is all aware of what you do”[Surah Ma’idah 5:8]


Allah tells us exactly why we are fasting on this blessed month:

“O you who have believed, fasting has been prescribed upon as it was prescribed upon those before you so that you may achieve taqwa” [surah Al Baqarah 2:183]

There is one AMAZING deed which Allah speaks about in the Qur’an and which takes us closer to taqwa, the very aim of Ramadan: establishing JUSTICE

“Establish justice, that is closer to Taqwa and fear Allah, indeed Allah is all aware of what you do” [Surah Ma’idah 5:8]

The Ummah is in DIRE NEED for justice and courage to achieve it.

This is where YOU can make a difference.

CAGE exists to establish this ibaadah by being a voice for the voiceless, by supporting, and serving 100’s of people each year around the globe, so that they can be given justice.

What an amazing deed.

Here are 3 of the many ways CAGE works to revive divine justice:


The prophet (peace be upon him) said:“The Best type of Jihad is speaking a word of truth in the presence of a tyrant ruler” (Ibn Majah)


The prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Feed the hungry, visit the sick, and free the prisoners” (Bukhari)


The Prophet said, “Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a similar reward.” (Muslim)

Lets make this Ramadan, a Ramadan of TAQWA and revival of Justice!

Support CAGE and REVIVE divine justice.

Donate today!

This is why CAGE exists.


Shaykh Dr Haitham al Haddad: “It might be better than supporting 10 da’is or scholars because they cannot do their job properly  without an organisation that protects Islam and Muslims.

Sister ‘Maryam’: “CAGE is like Al Mu’tasim for me. They hear the cry of injustice and they respond. I ask everyone to donate to CAGE whatever you can; because they stood by me when no one did.”

Torture survivor Ali Al-Marri: “I encourage you very highly to support our brothers at CAGE whom have supported me, and without Allah’s support and theirs I would have never been able to try and get my Justice from the ones who tortured me.”