The ‘War on Terror’ has claimed the lives and dignity of hundreds of thousands of Muslims since its inception after the 9/11 attacks. Cases of torture and ill-treatment have spanned the entire globe as Muslim communities have become subject to the wide-sweeping policies of detention without charge.

The ‘War on Terror’ has not discriminated at all against the young, old, rich, poor, educated or illiterate.  The primary ingredient for suspicion is being Muslim and in the sight of security services pursuing policies of illegal rendition and torture or, other more unscrupulous agencies seeking lucrative cash rewards. Aafia Siddiqui and her family fit both categories, and from there a story was developed within the US administration to deem her education and background a threat. That internal narrative led to the complete destruction of her and her family’s lives.

The case of Aafia Siddiqui has brought with it a wave of emotion from all corners of the world. The detention of this woman, and allegedly her children, has evoked condemnation from politicians, lawyers and activists all over the world. In an environment where the abuses in the ‘War on Terror’ are becoming increasingly known, the case of Siddiqui stands as an anomaly within the new era of openness under the Obama administration.

From the day of her initial detention, no information regarding Aafia Siddiqui seems consistent, especially in relation to information released by the US administration. Her various alleged persona can give the impression of an extremely high level Al Qaeda operative. However, at the same time, the statements of lawyers, family and friends render her incapable of any acts of terrorism.

The purpose of this piece is to try and separate the facts of Siddiqui’s life from the fiction, and as a result, show that the lies that have been told about her are completely inconsistent with her treatment.

Exposing the truth in the case of Aafia Siddiqui is of the utmost importance to all those who believe in the value of due process and the rule of law. For six years, this mother of three has been placed through some of the most unimaginable forms of detention, all due to her religious convictions. It is now time for her to be released without charge and to be reunited with her children and repatriated back to Pakistan

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