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London – The Home Affairs Select Committee report into Extremism is a wasted opportunity to address the real causes of political violence and relationship with the Muslim community.

While the Select Committee recognises the failure of PREVENT, it only suggests cosmetic changes and a new name, ENGAGE, in an attempt to attract Muslim organisations to work alongside state-approved organisations named by the CAGE report, We are Completely Independent.

These groups are neither independent nor grassroots, and have little experience with government counter-terrorism measures. They are therefore unable to effectively challenge the state’s overreach within the counter-terrorism space.

Instead of actively acknowledging the urgent need to address the key issues driving political violence, the government has resorted again to the good Muslim-bad Muslim narrative, while propping up its counter-terrorism agenda.

Ibrahim Mohamoud, Communications Officer, said:

“The Select Committee is playing the blame game. A lot of emphasis in the report is centred on the need for Muslims to take ownership for terrorist acts, instead of critically assessing if the government’s counter-terrorism measures have reduced or increased the threat.”

“The Select Committee claim there have been too many counter-terrorism laws yet they welcome the proposed Counter Terrorism and Safeguarding Bill. It is hard to understand how further legislation piled onto already existing failing legislation will rectify the situation.”

“Those at the receiving end of PREVENT, as well several organisations and high profile figures have called for the PREVENT duty to be scrapped outright. A simple re-brand of a fundamentally flawed policy will do no good.”


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Communications officer
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