The last ten days of Ramadan are about to begin. As we count down the remaining fasting days, and pass the hours of the nights in prayer, seeking the immense rewards of Laylatul Qadr, CAGE offers an opportunity for us all to add to our scale of good deeds, by donating. And here are 10 key reasons why:

1- CAGE Establishes Justice

“Oh you who have believed, be steadfast witnesses with justice for Allah, and do not let the hatred of others make you swerve from justice. Be just, for that is closer to God-consciousness.” (5:8)

Whether it is campaigning against oppressive state powers, or against the violation of basic rights, CAGE has always had this duty of justice at its core. With your help, inshaAllah, we will continue seeking to establish justice for the victims of the War on Terror.

2- CAGE Speaks Truth to Power

A man asked the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, “What is the best jihad?” The Prophet said, “A word of truth in front of a tyrannical ruler.” (Musnad Ahmad 18449)

CAGE’s independence – both of vested interests and of state funding – means it does not shy away from speaking truth to power.

3- CAGE Campaign Against PREVENT

“CAGE were there” (Sister Y – PREVENT child custody case)

From publishing cutting edge reports, to running national tours, CAGE has long been at the vanguard of campaigning against, and documenting the abuses of the now widely accepted as failed PREVENT policy.

4- CAGE Defends the Oppressed

“If anyone relieves a Muslim believer from one of the hardships of this worldly life, Allah will relieve him of one of the hardships of the Day of Resurrection.” (Muslim)

“[CAGE’s] considerable support and commitment have made a situation which would have been overwhelming for me, easier to deal with by Allah’s Mercy.” (Ali Adorus’ wife)

Through its casework, CAGE is directly engaged with survivors of abuse and mistreatment worldwide, their defence, and their struggle for justice. This is the backbone of CAGE’s work, and the unique, first-hand insight it provides informs everything else CAGE does.

5- CAGE Supports Dawah

“[…] dawah organisations wouldn’t work, wouldn’t function properly without such organisations [as CAGE]” (Shaykh Haitham al Haddad)

CAGE’s work helps to protect the space within which many dawah organisations, activities and speakers operate.

6- CAGE empowers the Community

CAGE works to educate and empower communities impacted by the War on Terror. This manifests itself through CAGE’s ground-breaking reports, and especially through its nationwide events which aim to raise awareness and mobilise communities so they can stand up for themselves. In the last year alone, despite financial difficulties, CAGE has been able to hold a national tour and numerous events including film screenings, debates, and ‘Know Your Rights’ workshops, delivered directly within communities.

7- CAGE Gives a Voice to the Voiceless

“CAGE is an organisation that allows me to sleep at night. It is no exaggeration to say that without the important work that CAGE does, the injustices, the gradual erosion of our rights and the fate of hundreds of forgotten souls languishing in extrajudicial prisons, would go completely unchecked.” (Testimonial of a supporter)

For victims and survivors of the War on Terror, the stigma attached to the allegations they face is often enough for them to find many individuals and organisations unwilling to assist them. CAGE offers these people non-judgmental advice, support, and a voice, by bringing their stories into the mainstream.

8- CAGE Does Not Compromise

CAGE takes a moral stance on all counter-terrorism policy that infringes on basic rights. The rule of law and justice are, for CAGE, absolute values, not open to equivocation or compromise.

9- CAGE is Led by Survivors

CAGE is the only Muslim organisation that is led by, and places at its heart, survivors of the War on Terror. Our staff includes ex-prisoners of the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison, former control order detainees and many others who have experienced first-hand the long reach of these policies.

10- CAGE Unites to Make a Change

One of the simplest, and more powerful images of the past year has to be CAGE Outreach Director, Moazzam Begg, sitting across the table from an ex-Guantanamo guard, discussing the dehumanisation of detention in the now infamous detention centre. In divisive times, CAGE finds strength in the unity of simple humanity, and commitment to the values of justice, compassion and courage.

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(NOTE: CAGE represents cases of individuals based on the remit of our work. Supporting a case does not mean we agree with the views or actions of the individual. Content published on CAGE may not reflect the official position of our organisation.)